Online ergonomic workstation assessments

During a 45 minute online ergonomic workstation assessment I check your working position and work environment at your (home) office. I give you personal tips, and will answer all your questions.

As an occupational therapist I (Sanne van Poll) have learned to find creative solutions for ergonomic issues. My aim is to make it fun and useful.

A (home) workstation assessment for all employees should save your company costs. Expect less absenteeism and reduced investments in ergonomic accessoires.

Costs: € 65,= per 45 minute session.

Step 1 – Plan meetings online: on a special page that I create for all my clients, your colleagues can plan a (home) workstation assessment in their calendar. 

Step 2 – Advice about ergonomic accessoires: In case of physical issues or limitations I sometimes advice ergonomic accessoires. But I prefer to look at creative solutions with materials colleagues have available at their (home) office.

Step 3 – After care: after the workstation assessment participants create an email with a short summary, some exercises and the offer to contact me (free) in case they have any questions.

Step 4 – Feedback HR department: I give clients access to a spreadsheet (updated every week) with an overview of colleagues who have done a workstation assessment. Also I gather feedback from colleagues and share this (an an anonymous basis).

Expensive ergonomic accessories? Often unneccesary!

Expensive office chairs, adjustable desks? In many homes, they simply don’t fit, and I think they’re often a waste of money. I love minimalistic & creative solutions! Working anywhere can be perfectly healthy – as long as you know how to sit well.


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